Engine miss on 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

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1988 Dodge truck, 360ci, 4 speed manual. Problem - the engine cuts out (miss) at about 4200 rpm. I replaced the distributor cap and rotor - no change. Then replaced the ignition coil - no change. Plugs and wires have less than 1000 miles. What is causing the cut out problem? It almost sounds like a engine kill switch when it cuts out.

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Are you getting to 4200 rpm without a load? In other word just setting there in nuetral. If so, that is called a rev limiter. It's designed to cut out so you don't over rev the eng.
You are wrong, All fuel injected vehicles have rev limiter. No, dodge does not have a "rollover switch". No 4200 rpm's is high. Most are at 3000 to 3500. How long have you been a PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN? Me just 38 years!
No just keep shooting parts at it. You will eventually fix. You already seem to know EVERYTHING.
Thanks for the answer. My truck does not have a rev limiter or a kill switch (roll over switch). 4200 rpm would be too low for a rev limiter. The engine miss happens at no load and at load.
Thanks again for your response. My truck engine has a throttle body. The company that rebuilt my engine and a local dodge dealer told me that my truck engine does not have a rev limiter. Do you
have another solution?