engine miss on 2000 Acura TL

going up a hill at 25 mph or 40 km the engine seem to miss, but if i accelerate it stop missing or jurking

by in Mission, TX on March 20, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 20, 2010
I know that an EGR valve that i going bad can cause this type of symptom. Open your hood and with the engine running manually press in on the valve itself and you should feel a stumble from the engine. If the valve won't press in it needs to be replaced and this should stop.
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Im and experienced mechanic 20+ years but this car has me baffled. Will run great for 5 to 10 minutes then starts spittin and idling rough. then will not take gas and has no check engine codes. ...
do you have to do anything other then replace your mounts
Crank sensor is good, battery is good,starter is good
60,000 mile maintenance needs?

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