Engine Misfires, putters, and loses power when I give it gas from low speeds. on 2000 Honda Civic

I have an Acura EL year 2000.

It recently ran out of gas and was parked for a couple of weeks.
I put 6 bucks gas in it to get it to the gas station and then filled it up. On the way back home it stalled as I decreased my speed. In park it would start no problem, but as soon as I would shift it to drive it would stall.

I had the fuel filter replaced the next day, and it started on the first try. I drove it around, and from a stop, it has no problem accelerating, but when coming down from a high speed, like on a turn, any acceleration I give it as I come out of the turn causes it to missfire, and putter, and lose power.... ie. almost stall.

I don't know what the issue could be.

Any help would be much appreciate.

ps. The car was running fine without this misfiring problem before it ran out of gas.

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Also have the fuel checked for water! Good clean dry gas can used to put the "6 bucks" fuel in it? Water in gas will show up while turning or braking/accelerating more so than steady driving on straight roads. The fuel pump picks up the 'water' as gas/water solution sloshes in tank!!!
I thought that this might be the problem, but right after I put the initial 6 bucks of gas in it, I filled the tank. Both times with Premium gas. It has a near full tank now. Still the same problem. Do you think that it might be a sparkplug and wires issue?
No, i think you have water in the gas tank!!
I used brand new Premium Clean Dry Gas to put the initial 6 bucks of gas in the car, and then filled it I'm not sure where water in the tank would have come from. The car sat with no gas for a couple of weeks and was bone dry and wouldn't start as a result. Given that the tank is full, how do I get the water out?

ps. When I try starting the car, even now, it take about 20 minutes of cranking on and off from a cold start, before the engine finally turns over. Once I drive it around for a bit and the engine warms up, it takes only about 2 or 3 tries before it starts *(provided I don't leave it off for more than 15 mins or so)

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I would check your fuel filter again because since you ran out of gas you dont know how much sediment got into the fuel system plus I would have it scan tested for codes
You mean - check the new fuel filter that's in there?