Dodge Avenger Problem Report

Dodge Avenger Engine May Not Start at Times

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The anti-theft system may cause a no start condition due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) affecting the wireless control module (WCM). There is an updated WCM to correct this issue.

just went to start my car and lightening bolt came on and it wouldnt start gets power to everything and wont turn over -
there had been no indication of trouble with my car starting. Just one day i tried turning the ignition and it wouldn't start. I had a jump, it started. The next time was about two days later, it happen again. I had a jump, it started. The next time was about one and a half week later. I decided to take it to PeP Boys. In the end of the visit one gent decided to giggle around the gears and they thought it maybe needed to be re set. Then, about one wekk and a half later it started the first of the day; I went back out two hours later it would not turn over, nor would a jump help. I had to have it towed, and and some electrical part had to be replaced. The name of the part can be named at a later, due to my not having my reciept handy. Ms. Purnell -
Lights / power to everything. Engine won't turn over. -
car would start then shut right back off, still dealing with it for over a year -
When I try to start my car sometimes, it won't turn over. It only clicks. I have to lock and unlock and move the gear shift until it does start. -
Car will not crank over..won't start I replaced battery, starter and ignition switch -
Car will crank but will not start if it does start its goes to 1000rpm and dies out....I will turn the key and it tries to continue to crank without holding the key -
Car would start then stall, then theft light would blink. Try again 2 times and then 4th time try to start, nothing. Wireless control module needed replacing as well as resetting the keys. -
Woke up to warm up my car and it started. Got ready to drive off to work and the car died and stalled about a half a mile away. I tried to start it and the car would completely die and then power back up. The only thing that would happen would be a clicking noise and the car will not turn on. I have had the battery check and recently had the alternator replaced. Guess that I am going to have to take it to the Dodge dealership and pay the crazy price to have it fixed.... -
Car does nothing when the key is turned but all lights and accessories work. Keep trying and eventually it starts as normal. -
engine will not start at times -
Lights come on but car will not crank. If I disconnect the battery for an hour the car starts up one time only. I have replaced the battery and the starter. -
installed Kenwood CD player. Used all the correct wire harnesses. I accidentally knocked off wcm. Now car won't start as well as no radio power. All fuses have been replaced. Brand new battery. -
Sit in car stick key in ignition and everything lights up like normal and no noise, nothing! Car has new battery, new alternator. Thought it might be the key battery, so I pushed door lock, that worked so I tried to start and it started. 2nd, 3rd and more times, it can take several times and many hours at times but eventually they sinc and the car works. Latest time I opened the hood and wiggled boxes. Not sure if unit or a short but have to start trouble shooting somewhere. Autozone doesn't carry the part. -
Replaced battery and now car won't start. AAA used a CAM to save radio stations etc but I think anti theft is messed up now. Will start with CAM connected but once disconnected it won't start at all. Have dash lights, Windows, radio etc but refuses to turn over. Starter was tested prior to replacement. Replaced while still working but at very low 345 out of 650 charge. Pre diagnostic only showed battery old and low charge. -
sounds started but not have to hold key over until it does then has a terrible fuel smell -
hi im wondering where would the wireless control module be located in my car and how much do you think it would cost to replace? im in need on help its my only car i got right now to get to work -
My car starts for 2 seconds then shuts down. After it does this 4 or 5 times it won't turn over. Then it will start and run ok. This may take an hour or two days. -
Started then died, did this about 3 - 4 times then won't turn over -
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