Engine makesa horrible noise and will die when I hit the gas pedal on 1997 Chevrolet Venture

My parents gave me a 97 Venture van with 120k miles and according to my dad the oil had just been changed two months ago. I was heading out of town (a 30 min. drive) and while returning home later that day I was at an intersection and the van died. The RPM's would slow down and then it completely shut off. No check engine light came on. Started the van just fine, and drove it to my boyfriends house. We checked the coolant, because the light came on a few times, and it was completely full. Checked all fluids and everything was fine. Drove home with no problems. A few days later while driving around town the van shut off again. Figuring there was nothing wrong, I started it back up and kept on driving. I came to an intersection and while I was going up hill the van shut off while I was driving. The temperature light came on and the service engine light did as well. But when I tried starting it, the engine would make a bunch of noise and the van shook. It would run but when I put it in drive or step on the gas pedal it would immediately shut off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fuel Filter is clogged. Get it replaced and you're good to go.
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You need to get a diagnostic so you can pin point the problem you can ebay one for cheap or check this site out they offer good scantools