engine light still on after repair on 2003 Ford Taurus

my 2003 ford tarus 3.0 liter with 150,000 miles was running very badly hesitating etc especially after it rained . in addition the check engine light was on so i bought it in they replaced spark plugs, wires and coil pack now it seems to run better but the engine light went back on after 5 minutes also they put the codes on my reciept p 1000 moniters not ready p 0303 cylinder 3 misfire and code 0300 random misfire what schould i do next

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You should take your car right back to the repair shop, because they didn't fix your problem. After a check engine light repair, the light should not come back on. You may want to get them to tell you what code is causing the light now.
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Try replacing cylinder 3 COIL PACK first! About $180.00 -- I have had this problem also in the past. If than your engine light is still on. Have the codes re-read after they have been CLEARED after relacing cylinder 3 Coil Pack. Let me know if this helped