2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Q&A

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: engine light stays on

how can i tell what the cause is? -
Answer 1
go to autozone and get it diagnose for free you have to use a scan tool to get the codes. -
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My engine light and reduce engine power light came on. To me the car is running poorly and I'm afraid it will stop on me. Can anyone help on know what needs to be done to solve this problem!!
can i find the cause myself,without takeing it to the shop
My check egine light is on and I took it in for a free check engin light test and the code came back as 1 of 3 things...cooling system, either low on coolant, bad thermostat or sensor unit. I bou...
It was on for a month or so and i was told it was probably a piston misfire and i needed to change the catalytic converter, so will it comeback on or just stay off till somthing else is wrong?