engine light on,rough idle, overheat on 2004 Hyundai XG350

engine light is one, idle is rough- jerks like- & now is showing very hot when idle- almost to H- I put in neutral & helps the jerking- but still rough sometimes it seems to jump forward- when shows hot once I start driving goes back to normal/ have cked fluid levels on oil, water, transmission fluid- all fine- / bad on oil changes- sl sludge in oil/ miles 67k/ i used a hand held computer & showed malfunction of some sensors- fuel-air-/ idle speed control/ pedal position sensor switch- / the day I passed emission inspection this happened that evenine/ please help direct me as to next step, if the computer is correct then what would be involved & a rough estimate. I had my oil changed the next day after all this started. thank you

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the overheat concerns me. you may have done internal damage from that alone. get that checked first then get a real disg for the rest of the codes.