2003 Mazda Tribute Q&A

2003 Mazda Tribute Question: engine light on, worn't run

engine light came on while driving thru parking lot. engine started missing, temp gauge went to hot(engine was not hot)waited a while, car ran fine for 15 minutes. now, engine tries to crank but will not run. any help? -
Answer 1
Hi, You will have to check the diagnostic trouble codes that are stored in the engine computer. Along with the retrieved code there will be a set of diagnostic procedures that will need to be followed. To do this you will need a scanner that can read out the codes, literature with the diagnostic information and the tools need to perform the tests. This may be best left to a repair shop. Try not to driver it too much when the engine is missing, you can cause damage to the catalytic converter, and this will increase the cost of the repair quite a bit. Good Luck -
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