engine light on stalling white smoke from muff smelling gas on 2006 Ford F-150

started acting like theres no gas then didnt want to stare then starting smoking and wanting to stall have to pump gas to get started

2 answers
sounds like a blown head gasket
Usually white smoke is a sign of blown headgasket! U might get lucky & can go to autoparts store & buy this headgasket sealer, which is in a Blue bottle & is around $50 but the sales guy will know what ur talking about. but I've used it & lucky it worked & saved me around $4000 I'd probley be charged for a new motor.but until then I wouldn't drive it & check oil & see if it's milky & that's a sign of water in oil & check water to see if there's oil & if so clean all the oil out & where ever else it is not suppose to be.