2002 BMW 330xi Q&A

2002 BMW 330xi Question: engine light on

code after engine scanned : po 604 ,po 1619, po 0340, po 128 can anyone tell waht this codes mean and parts that need to be replaced ? thanks -
Answer 1
Unless there is an actual noticeable fault with the operation of the vehicle, i would consider those to be sporadic, stored faults and i would not be concerned with them at this point in time. -
Answer 2
I just had an encounter. 99 chevy silverado po604 ram error. random access memory. wich to me spells bad computer.. symptoms of this vehicle.... runs fine but once on for a while of driving or idling ... turn off and no start. vehicle needs to sit a few minutes to start. as if it needs time to cool. runs great. found that when it does not start i have no signal from computer to ignition control module giving no spark ,,, and low fuel pressure. of course i tested every sensor... blah blah blah... snap on's advantage pro did all the guess work once i had schematic to computer wiring i was able to cut down to the computer. all checked out except the icm wire wich did not give signal to spark. computer going bad lucky that code was offered by vehicle. most vehicles computers just go bad... -
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