Engine Light on on 2001 Toyota Camry

Engine Light came on. They scan computer. retrieve codes - Check EVAP circuit - Replace Purge line from throttle body to purge valve, Reset /clear Computer Labor 212.50 and purge Hose /Line IH0000 $18.44 Check Belts - Squel on Start up at Times Replaced both drive Belts Labor 144.50 Parts Power steering Belt $17.21 and Alt - A/C Belt $44.90 total bill 446.19 cannot find a good discription of this service on your site.

by in Atlanta, GA on June 25, 2010
0 answers
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...until a Toyota dealer opens up here (hopefully, within the next 12 months)? Since some of the check engine light refers to emiision problem, would the continuing driving cause damage anything big? Thanks
...etc....no problems, runs great etc.. 2 mornings ago (temp outside 37)after starting car, the check engine light came on and stayed on. took the car to local mechanic who dx'd the code. he then removed the...
check engine light came on & next day started cutting out. It is intermmitent and at times the check engine light flashes. seems to flash when its running at its worst. 107,000 miles on it had it 2...

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