engine light on on 2003 Kia Sorento

just had my battery replaced, also few months ago the kia would just quit on me middle of driving, kia dealers were baffled at problem, they changed fuel pump,and something else... it stopped again, another kia dealer, changed filter?where you put gasoline, stated pieces of carbon were floating into the fuel system and blocking action of cumbustion... the car was fixed, the problem is engine light on, plus sticky smell coming out of exaust...WHAT COULD IT BE... The last time i got my correct answer, about the fuel filter here in your web site, and i am the one that told them to check the gasoline filter where you put the gas... and yes, that was the problem

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Gotta check that engine light before anything else. You will get clues there. Everything else is just speculation at this point. Let us know what you find code-wise!