Engine Light comes on and off. on 2005 Ford Escape

I purchased this truck brand new, have had every recommend service done on this truck, could you possibly give out some ideas as to what the problem could be? The dealership will diagnosis for 125.00, currently unemployed, please advise. The car runs good, but I'm so afraid as to what the problem is.What mileage do you have problems with the Engine or Transmission? Thanks.

by in Virginia Beach, VA on October 07, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on October 07, 2009
Take the vehicle to your local auto parts store, and they usually will scan your car for codes for free. Reply back with the codes, and we can help to decipher them and try to steer you into the right direction.
ANSWER by on October 07, 2009
your local autozone will diagnose the problem for FREE
ANSWER by on October 08, 2009
You can take it to a parts store to have the codes read out, but do not let them diagnose the problem! Ever! They can give you a list of possibilities, but this is in no way a diagnosis. Please post the codes here as Wilsonite mentioned and someone can help direct you. Good advice Wilsonite!
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