Engine light comes on on 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

The engine light in my mom's car came on again after tightening the fuel cap and having a mechanic check it. She is in her 70s and cannot afford a big repair. It has been very humid around here and she hasn't driven the car more than a few miles a day for about a month. Any ideas? I really hate when she gets ripped off for car repairs. Thank you.

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Have the codes pulled from the computer to make sure it is an EVAP leak code and not something else. Assuming it is, check the seal on the gas cap for cracks. If the seal is cracked or looks worn out, replace the gas cap. I have seen many leak. If you want to be sure the cap is leaking, run the car by an emissions checking station and have them test the gas cap. It shouldn't cost much (if anything at all) for the test and will give you a good answer.
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Have the vehicle checked for trouble codes. parts stores does this for free at least to get an idea of the area of the fault.
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