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2006 Jeep Liberty Question: Engine light codes

codes say temp sensor, coolant level, thermostat, replaced all plus rad. cap. reset light & still have same problem. Light comes back on after a few days. -
Answer 1
Do you have the code number? -
Comment 1
I think it was PO126, it was the one with three things --- engine coolant, thermostat, and temp sensor. Thanks -
Comment 2
What engine is in it? 3.7L. Was the code maybe a p0125 or p0128. There is no p0126 code. -
Comment 3
Yes it is gas & don't know on the codes. Did you punch up those codes and see if they match what I was told was wrong? -
Comment 4
P0125 is related to the temp sensor opperation, p0128 is related to low engine regulation temp. We could scan the vehicle for you and pull the codes for free. Diagnostics are extra. Give us a call to set up a time. -
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