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2002 Dodge Intrepid Question: engine light - code P1776

engine light came on, transmission would not shift out of low. stopped car, fluide was ok, turned off car, then restarted and car shifted fine. same thin occured a short time later. 194,000 miles no leakes. one shop estimated 800-1200 dollars. is this realistic? -
Answer 1
Way too hard to say, although at 194,000 miles i'm thinking of some major repairs if there is a transmission problem...so it could actually be more like a replacement cost which would be maybe 3 times that. Certainly, at that mileage I would not attempt an internal transmission repair without just overhauling it...if that is what it is determined to be, failure-wise. -
Comment 1
Thanks, Dave. Taking it to 3 more shops to get estimates.. -
Answer 2
change the the brake light fuse -