engine light - code P1776 on 2002 Dodge Intrepid

engine light came on, transmission would not shift out of low. stopped car, fluide was ok, turned off car, then restarted and car shifted fine. same thin occured a short time later. 194,000 miles no leakes. one shop estimated 800-1200 dollars. is this realistic?

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change the the brake light fuse
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Way too hard to say, although at 194,000 miles i'm thinking of some major repairs if there is a transmission it could actually be more like a replacement cost which would be maybe 3 times that.
Certainly, at that mileage I would not attempt an internal transmission repair without just overhauling it...if that is what it is determined to be, failure-wise.
Thanks, Dave. Taking it to 3 more shops to get estimates..