Engine light Abs light on 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

My battery went dead jumped it when i drove it the speedometer dont work the ac dont work heated mirrors dont work the outside temp console dont work i had it checked for codes says bad speed sensor i replaced that no change thought it may be Body Control Module tried one of those still no change PS I did put a new Battery in as well. Any Other Ideas from anyone would be very helpful, Thank You

by in Shippensburg, PA on June 23, 2014
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ANSWER by on June 24, 2014
Fuse! .
COMMENT by on June 26, 2014
All the fuses are ok.
COMMENT by on June 27, 2014
Did you actually test each and every fuse you could find with a test light??... I mean if everything worked before the jump start and now it does not then........... You better TEST ALL fuses again!!!
COMMENT by on June 27, 2014
Yes i Checked all fuses with a test light they all checked out.
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