engine light on 1998 Toyota Avalon

just bought the car..engine light come on..code read egr..i think it was #401...enyway i put all new egr valve and sencer on ..everything was like $171.00.car run great before and after the light come on..turned the light off tried to get it inspected and even thought the light was not on it still showes up in the inspection and fails..they said put some miles on it so i put about 30 miles on it and the light came back on.took the positive post off and got the light back off...drove it for another 100 plus miles..light came on again and still reads egr code.car runs great but i cant get it inspected.HELP!!

by in Morganton, NC on February 27, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 27, 2011
The EGR port in the intake manifold might have clogged up and restrict or block the flow. It probably has to be cleaned out. Since you said everything was replaced, that's pretty much the only thing left, beside a wiring harness or computer problem. Zee
COMMENT by on February 27, 2011
both top and bottom ports were clean other than some carbon dust that would rub off on my finger.i hope its not a computer problem .thanks for the advise .
COMMENT by on February 27, 2011
When you said sensor, do you mean the EGR temp. sensor? Did you get the vacuum control valve (solenoid) replaced also? I'd check the solenoid function, it might won't open. The P0401 code is for the insufficient flow, so there is either blockage in the system, or problem with the flow control. I can send you a troubleshooting chart, but its a long one and you need some mechanical and electrical knowledge. If you think you can do it, just post an e-mail. Zee
COMMENT by on February 28, 2011
the only thing i could find wierd is the vacume line that goes to the control valve has no vacume on it...it goes to a small box on top of the motor that has a wire and a plug going to it...should it have vacume on it all the time?
COMMENT by on February 28, 2011
Post an e-mail and I'll send you the info. Zee
COMMENT by on February 28, 2011
ca4u69@hotmail.com thank you for all the info
COMMENT by on February 28, 2011
Check your e-mail. Zee
ANSWER by on October 16, 2013
could be the ECT PWR button, if your car has one . Drive with it on, and the check engine light might turn off after driving it for around 100 mi without disengaging the ECT PWR. It worked for me, perhaps you to.
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