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1995 Honda Accord Question: engine light

imy engine like is on and will not go off. what will I need to do to get the lights to go off -
Answer 1
You will need to have a shop scan for "diagnostic trouble codes" stored in the computer (some auto parts stores will do this for you). The codes will give you a starting point for the diagnosis. Once the repair is completed, the codes need to be cleared. Here is a good article on the Check engine light if you'd like to learn more about it, good luck. http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light If you post the trouble codes here, someone may be able to give you more information about what is wrong with your car -
Answer 2
replace the oxygen censors -
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...consumption can cause a low oil level condition, which can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.
Today my engine light came on and towards the end of my commute (45 miles) the car started bucking upon acceleration (twice it happened). Is it a timing belt issue, faulty spark plug?
...ulty Electric Load Detector (ELD) can cause the head lights to dim and/or illuminate the Check Engine Light. A failed ELD will require replacement.
car runs good and when standing even with acceration engine light off. but on road after a cpl of min comes on
...has new distributor.it does not cut off when driving,skip or anything else.runs good.no check engine light on at all.i dont know if coil is breaking down when it gets hot or if ignition module is going...