engine light on 2001 Dodge Intrepid

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only when i go up hill trying to accelerate the engine light comes on . why? and if i try to enter the freeway and trying to accelerate up to 60 miles per hr the engine will start blinking. why? i have enough oil.Could the spark plugs be the problem ?? or if the transmission fluid is low could that cause the light come on sometimes? Cause the engine light doesnt come on all the time .it seems to come on when the car its being accelerated
other then this problem i drive normal with no problems as long i dont accelerate the car to much ..
i was told a while ago about the doge dealer that i do need to change the transmmision fluid my car really needs it ..
(1) Answer
the fact that it is flashing means a missfire code. plugs and coil(s). you need a real diag to determine the issue and needed repairs. the fact that you have driven this way may have damaged the cat converter as well.