2002 BMW 745Li Q&A

2002 BMW 745Li Question: Engine Leak

I have a leak from the front of the engine, what would that be and what caused it? -
Answer 1
There are too many possibilities, you'll need to locate the source of the leak and make a determination why the leak is occurring. Water pumps, Radiators, coolant hoses, gaskets, power steering components, they all can leak. -
Comment 1
my 2002 745li just got a recall notice about a leak from brake pump vac. Took it in today Dec. 9, 2010 for recall work. -
Answer 2
i had the same problem with my 745. after paying 2000 dollars i found out it was the 0 rings on the cam sensor right next to the intake. i change the 0 rings and it stop leaking. there 4 of them. two in each side of the intake and they cost 4 dollars a piece so its the cheapest oil leak repair I've done and i did it my self so its really easy. -
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