Engine Leak !!! on 2002 BMW 745Li

There is a tiny hole on the front of the engine. Water is leaking from it(even if the car is not running). Nothing is connected to that part of the engine (like water pump, hoses, etc...) What could be the cause?

by in Vancouver, WA on November 19, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 20, 2009
Pressurizing the cooling system with a cooling system pressurizing tool will identify if you have a cooling system leak or not. The cooling system pressurizing tool is like a bycle pump with a pressure gauge attached to it. Under normal running conditions the cooling system generates about 15 psi pressure this tool allows this pressure to be simulated to allow the source of the leak to be investigated. Could you have a windscreen bottle leak or just condensation or moisture form normal atmosphere leaking down body panels and pooling on the ground? If was at the back of the engine compartment it could be the condensation escape tube for the heater core/air conditioning housing.
COMMENT by on December 17, 2010
I had the same problem on my 2002. After changing the water pump in continued to leak. That is when they discovered it was the crossover tube. Bad new is BMW will charge you to tear the entire motor to replace it to the tune of 10,000. GOOD news is a company in California has made a telescoping crossover tube that only requires the head to be removed. Mine cost $2300, but depending on where your are and if the shop has done this before it could be around $1600. I think the part was $1100 but not sure. Search for info on the web, I found a video from the inventors and they gave a how to and cost at their shop in California. Good Luck!
COMMENT by on January 11, 2011
Thanks it's b n helpful. I have an 02' & just faced the problem new years eve.
ANSWER by on July 02, 2010
Bad news. There is a crossover tube under the manifold and it has o rings on each and it is a 40 to 50 hour repair. Some say you have to pull the engine but that's not true. It can be done without that. That will fix you leak.
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
Hi, I read your issue with your 745Li above, I am have the same problem with my 2003 745Li. Did you fix you your car? What have the out come and are you still having issues? What was the time and cost to fix this problem?
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
Hello, I still didn't fix it because it costs too much and will take a lot of time. The whole engine needs to be pulled apart. It would be cheaper to buy a new one...
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