engine knocks when start up,quits after few minutes,231,000 miles on 2000 Ford Ranger

by in New Albany, IN on August 22, 2014
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ANSWER by on August 22, 2014
NAPA GOLD or WIX oil filter , Penzoil or Castrol premium oil AND Marvel Mystery Oil (1/2 Qt. each oil change) , and change oil every 2500-3000 miles. That may help extend the engine life a little longer , if that's sorta what you where asking......MY opinion.....
COMMENT by on August 23, 2014
Thanks for advice,sorry for poor question format.what do you think is causing sound?Thanks again
COMMENT by on August 23, 2014
Without hearing the exact noise , that's a little tricky to say. The more you can narrow down the exact conditions (that's sorta vague also, I know) the easier it would be to at least eliminate what it is NOT. Questions to ponder...Does it 'hammer' real bad upon initial cold start-up (for 1-3 seconds) and then calm down a bit , after the initial oil pressure climbs? Is there ANY remote possibility that the noise is EXTERNAL -accessory belt tensioner/pulley. Water pump? Noise consistent when in park AND in drive? Load conditions have any effect? Worse accelerating or decelerating? Start with those...

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