2000 Ford Ranger Q&A

2000 Ford Ranger Question: engine knocks when start up,quits after few minutes,231,000 miles

Answer 1
NAPA GOLD or WIX oil filter , Penzoil or Castrol premium oil AND Marvel Mystery Oil (1/2 Qt. each oil change) , and change oil every 2500-3000 miles. That may help extend the engine life a little longer , if that's sorta what you where asking......MY opinion..... -
Comment 1
Thanks for advice,sorry for poor question format.what do you think is causing sound?Thanks again -
Comment 2
Without hearing the exact noise , that's a little tricky to say. The more you can narrow down the exact conditions (that's sorta vague also, I know) the easier it would be to at least eliminate what it is NOT. Questions to ponder...Does it 'hammer' real bad upon initial cold start-up (for 1-3 seconds) and then calm down a bit , after the initial oil pressure climbs? Is there ANY remote possibility that the noise is EXTERNAL -accessory belt tensioner/pulley. Water pump? Noise consistent when in park AND in drive? Load conditions have any effect? Worse accelerating or decelerating? Start with those... -