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1997 Ford Expedition Question: engine knocking

out of now where my engine started knocking really loud,i checked my oil and it was very low,as well as my gas,not sure if i blew a rod,or it was a spark knock due to low fuel or my knock sensor went out and the computer is throwing the timing off,i put oil but the knocking is still there,louder when i accelerate..havnt refuled yet.. please help!!! -
Answer 1
Don't waste any money on fuel. Best have a professional technician listen to your engine to determine how serious of problem you might have. -
Answer 2
have a diag done by a mech and don't drive until then you can cause more damage -
Answer 3
Most probability crank shaft damage due to lack of lubrication, May be a good time to decide to fix or replace Engine or vehicle . It will be a significant expense. Before you make that decision , have a shop check for loose bolts to the flywheel. Some times it sounds like a bad rod . -
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i juss got a 99 expedition 4 free wit 280000 i was driving it and started knocking wen i look it had no oil ...how much is it to fix it or how much is it to put a new engine... and is it too hard ...
Hear this all the time has me very concerned.
I noticed I hear a knock when the truck is at operating temp.. Knock is noticable when the truck is in gear stopped 117000 miles.