Engine Knocking on 1993 Infiniti G20

Textbook sound:Knocking while idling, knocking speeds up with acceleration.Appears from parking spot that oil or something is leaking. Adding oil doesn't help, but oil DOES need to be changed. I am really scared. It's an old car, which would indicate I am in no financial position for a new car or costly repairs. Your help is appreciated.

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A knocking noise from the engine that increases with engine speed may be a connecting rod bearing. If that is the case, major engine repair is needed. If the engine has many miles, repair may not be cost effective.
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I just bought a 1993 infinity g20 , with a knock , drove home ,15 min . Changed oil , put in 1 quart Lucas oil treatment. Ran for 10 minutes quieterd up a little bid , then engine seized up. Now trying to take bottom of engine off to get to piston rods. Can't get athe bottom of engine casing off , all bolts off , what am I missing.
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