Engine Knock under load on 1990 Ford Bronco

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Engine was running fine, turned it off and when i recranked it, it seemed to be vibrating alot more than usual. As I got up onto the freeway it had a slight knock and lacked power. Oil pressure seems to be fine (Idles at 55 psi). Where do i start?
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Do not drive the Bronco get it towed. A knocking or engine unevenness could be as simple as a ignition misfire but it may be something a lot more serious like oil starvation to a piston connecting rod or piston. The engine oil level may be OK and you may have good oil pressure and proper engine running temperature but if you drive or run the engine, the lack of oil to where ever the source of the noise is coming from will cause more expensive or even catastrophic damage to the engine. It is safest to get it checked by a mechanic rather than potentially do serious damage.