1990 Mercury Cougar Q&A

1990 Mercury Cougar Question: Engine knock

Had accelerator stick open for 3 seconds with no load Now have engine knock when accelerating Will still run with power and does get louder as engine warms up. 1969 Cougar Convertable with 390CI -
Answer 1
sounds like you spun a bearing. if you do nothing, it will destry the crank and possibly more. Roy -
Comment 1
Thanks Roy, Will have local mechanic check ASAP. Is this a major overhaul and super expensive?? -
Comment 2
unfortuneately -
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At idle, the motor has a thump when the pistons fire. Sounds like a piston misfire. The engine light may be something else.
bottom, back,left of engine there is a plug in. ..mine had nothing plugged into it. ..it's it a knock or oil sensor?
The Ohm Guage just stopped working but all other guages on dash work