engine kills at stop signs or when I slow down on 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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I have changed the flywheel sensor 3 times and the car still kills when I come to a stop sign. It has killed at 55 mph but starts itself after I slow down or step on the gas. the wire harness seems to be good, I am stumped!!
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Hi, sorry to see you didn't get any help with this problem. Were you able to figure out what was causing the stalling problem?
So is the check engine light coming on and are you getting a diagnostic trouble code for the flywheel sensor? Is that what led to the replacement of the flywheel sensor?
no, I had the dealer look at it for 9 days and thought it was fixed, but two weeks later I have the same problem.
Last week when it won't start and the code came up for the fuel pump. I replaced it and it starts again withnot much problem, but it still kills at slow speeds and once at 50 mph. Still same problem. flywheel sensor code does not come up anymore. I have also changed the ignition switch
I've experienced the same problem with my 1991 R129 SL500 - The culprit was the stickiness in one of the accelerator linkages in the engine compartment - fits all the way from the front on the engine routing through the right side of the engine to the rear of engine - Grease them linkages and the problem goes away - Ensure that the adjustment of the linkages are correct, else you will have the same problem
mass air flow sensor. just did mine. it runs fine now.
Is the car still running ok? Was that the problem? Our car does the same thing and mechanics have been unable to find the problem.