engine is surging for fuel on 1991 Chevrolet S10

My S-10 is surging for gas, I took the air breather off, placed some gas in the TBI, it ran some better. I think I'll start with the fuel filter replacement before going further, also going to put some Seafoam in the tank. What do you all think??

by in Rustburg, VA on March 10, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 10, 2011
Worth a shot. May have poor fuel pattern out of injector that is causing this. with cover off and air filter out of the way you can look in under the injector mounted at top of throttle body. You want to see a nice cone shaped spray coming down, narrow at top and widens out. If you see dripping then you have a problem. Cleaner in tank may help but likely may need the injector(s) replaced. May be something else entirely. Check fuel pressure and volume. If you don't have gauge then have a shop do it. Maybe a vacuum leak, also.
COMMENT by on March 10, 2011
thanks I'll check the injector, not sure how check the fuel presure, what do I do?? I think I can rent a gauge from Advance for that.
COMMENT by on March 11, 2011
Because fuel can be volatile I recommend you have checked at a shop to keep away from danger like a fire and such.
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