engine is overheating on 1996 Acura TL

replaced waterpump,thermostat and head gaskets

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Was the repairs done by a professional mechanic? Did they follow correct repair procedures, correct head torquing sequence ect...
Were the cylinder heads servicable, flat, pressure tested for cracks ect....
Does the engine overheat now only under load or climbing a hill, if so perhaps the radiator is restricted/blocked. Do the fans work at the correct temperature or were you told what caused the head gasket to fail in the first place?
yes work was done by a professional mechanic. The head gaskets were our last resort and when the heads were off we took them to machine shop and had them milled. Reassemble was done all to spec and torque recommedations.
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did u surface head change radator check cooling fans
We figured out the problem thanks anyway!
What ended up the problem? I just did both head gaskets, resurfaced both heads, replaced waterpump, thermostat, timing belt, and even flushed the radiator and heater core, and bled all air out of the coolant system. Car is fine on back roads. Soon as it gets on highway... it starts to overheat.