Engine is not starting. just a click no turn over.. on 2001 Mazda Protege

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I had my engine replaced and worked fine. I let it sit for a few month and the battery was drained so I had it charged and reinstalled... backwards! I ended up buying a new stronger battery after this.. along with replaced the main fuse (100a).. which eventually got the car to start again. Now I let it run for a bit and moved it.. let it sit a week and now the car wont start. I changed the main (100a) fuse again hoping that was the issue and it didnt solve it. Battery is good (new and tested), we tried banging the starter while cranking but no dice. When I turn the key I just get a click from the glove compartment area. I do get power in the car (headlights, lamps, brake lights, power window..) and can even arm and disarm the car. Can some one please help me narrow the issue down?? Also cant get a reading from diagnostics code reader..
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