engine injectors shut off intermittent causing engine to die. on 1995 Oldsmobile 98

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It has a 3800 non turbo engine and shows 74000 miles on the speedometer. Fuel pump pressure is 40 to 42 lbs, engine ignition fires good before and after it stalls and both still good when not starting. It usually cranks back up after a few tries and dies shortly after restart. Sometimes it won't restart and if you turn the ignition switch off an on 8 or 10 times it will start. The key will pull out of the switch while its running and it keeps running. The Engine light is on and the codes shows cam sensor and sometimes pass key error. I replaced the cam sensor and ck cam magnet, it would turn in the sprocket just a little but not back & forth loose. I tested all the connections and continuity and had the ICM module tested, all showed good. The car still throws and cam sensor error and sometimes pass key error and the car still quits.
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