Engine Idles fine until you put it in gear, then it dies. on 1995 Ford Probe

My 95 probe will start and idle fine and when it has warmed up it will idle at about 1100 rpms. If i put it into gear soon after i start it, it is fine. Once the car warms up and i put it into gear it dies. The last thing I tried is I rev'd the engine a few times and took my foot off the gas, and it dies. Any ideas? the car has done this now on two different occasions, after sitting for a period of time.

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You could have an internal transmission issue causing it to die, or you could have an air intake issue, causing too much air to get into the engine. Either way, a good diagnosis is in order.

Here are some shops you can try...

I was thinking of taking it to an Autozone or similar part store who will connect it to the diagnostic tool and it will give me the error codes. Will this help narrow it down?
It will give you some clues perhaps, but remember that a 1995 Probe is OBDI and not very sophisticated in the diagnostics compared to current day processors.

If you go, do get the codes and report back here... Don't go by their substandard suggestion and theory.

I suspect you will get a 171 or 172 or 174 code...or some combination. Don't know. Doesn't hurt to find out!
Thanks Dave, I will let you know what I find out on Monday.