engine idles but stalls out on 1995 Ford Probe

My 95 ford probe engine was sitting for 1 year. It will start up and will idle fine. But when I give it gas, the engine stalls out and dies. There was about 4gal gas in the car so I added 10gals more and some gas additive, but didnt help. All intake and other hose's look fine.

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I suspect something may be sticking in the throttle area, causing an issue with your air and fuel mixture. Like a sticking idle air control valve or throttle body needing cleaned.
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I would suspect low fuel pressure - when fuel is let sit for a period of time it tends to varnish (smells like paint thinner) once this happens it can cause issues with the in-tank fuel pump - it's possible the vehicle has enough pressure to idle but the pressure or volume falls off when the engine is under a load
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