2001 Saturn L200 Q&A

2001 Saturn L200 Question: engine head replacement

timing belt broke and they recommended that the head has to be replaced how much is this going to set me back -
Answer 1
before you spend around $1500.00 on this you should check and see if you have a zero tolerance motor. If you do then you probably don't need the head replaced. If you don't then you probably bent some of the exhaust valves when the belt broke. I have the same issue right now on a 2002 2.2 ltr engine. That's the price I was quoted. You can do it yourself alot cheaper though. The timing chain set is $162.48 at auto zone and you can get a remanufactured head for around $480.00. hope that helps. -
Answer 2
recall for timing issue had entire valve assembly replaced under warranty, check recall notice and vins covered -
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