engine gaskets/screws on 2000 Acura Integra


I had my car engine swapped 5-6 years ago and it's running fine, except when it's not. just had the oil changed and noticed some leaks. Been keeping an eye on the level for a week and seems to retain adequate oil. Will replacing gaskets help this? The mechanic also pointed out that the sticky black residue on the side of my engine was probably the oil that had seeped out.



Anyheads up on a fair and skilled mechanic would be great. I'm new to this area.

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what gaskets? valve cover? head? timing cover?
for a good shop locally, you need to ask other owners
who is really good with Japanese cars. to correctly
identify any oil leak, first clean the engine with brake cleaner (NEVER water!!) then add oil dye to the engine and drive 100 miles. when the oil leaks out, the dye will
glow under blacklight. any decent shop will know this.