Engine Flush on 2002 Acura MDX

The place I get my oil change (the lube center) always tries to get me to pay $150 to get the engine oil flushed to remove sludge. Is this really necesarry?

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i worked at jiffy lube for 4 years as an assistant manager and all they want is your $ trust me ...its all about their "ticket average". half the stuff they make up due at any mileage thats close to your car's mileage. stay away from those places all they want is your $ , not to care for your car, ive seen belts cut with razor blades, airfilters dipped in grease, fake rear diff samples....all to get your sales.....STAY AWAY
i dont know which Jiffy ur @, but im a service advisor there we diffenately take care of our business. I dont ever offer anything the car doesnt need. Its our policy and i freakin believe in that.
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The new oils have detergents in them to keep the engine clean. If you are changing your oil at the recommended intervals there should not be an excess build up of sludge. My Acura has had it's oil changes either before or at the recommended time and when I removed the valve cover to adjust the valves at 90K the engine was spotless inside. I wouldn't waste the money to get the engine oil flushed.
You can buy the engine flush liquid/chemical at any autozone fo about 5 US.
Just follow the instruction on the back of the bottle.
You only need this, if you know you have negleted your oil change.
If you desice to do this, it cannot be done to oftem. I just did a flush on my Acura MDX 2006. Remeber, when doing a engine flush, you cannot drive the car and you will need to do a new oil change. Good luck.
that's sounds like BS, I get my MDX serviced at acura and that never ever came up
I work at Acura and they are ripping you off. If you have done regular service you won't have sludge. Even if you do have sludge the flush is a bad idea. It can break up deposits which in turn could plug up the oil pump, etc. If you like to use those type of places, by your oil filter and gasket from a Honda or Acura dealer and bring it in. HUGE quality difference.