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2009 Toyota Corolla Question: Engine felt "wobbly" like shaking a bit last night while stopped at a light.

It drove smoothly after that. This morning, did it again while driving at low speed, then check engine light came on and stayed on but wobbliness/shakiness didn't continue and I parked shortly after. I called Toyota service this morning and have appointment to drop off car tomorrow morning. Any ideas on what this may be? -
Answer 1
you will have to get it scan tested for codes and go from there -
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It went off this morning when I started it, hasn't come back on yet. I had AutoZone check it anyway. Came up with a PO353 code, they told me it was the ignition coil. Said this should be covered under my warranty with Toyota. In doing some research, I have come across so many other Corolla owners posting issues with this same code & having the coil replaced by Toyota, only to have the same issues over again. Is this a known problem with Corolla's? Will Toyota still charge me for diagnostics if I give them code myself? Just don't want to be ripped off with dealer b/c I hear too many horror stories and have never had car problems before now. -
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if you tell them the code and if its under warranty they shouldnt charge you anything -
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Thank for all of your help. Unfortunately, they are telling me this not a warranty covered item anymore, falls under the 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty. It's a 2009...so they say no longer covered. Said it's electrical issue and not covered under my remaining powertrain warranty. -
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that is too bad I would get an estimate from the dealer then take to a good reliable shop to see what they will charge but I would get a warranty because electrical parts are not returnable good luck -