I attempted to start my car up, it is choking and won't accelerate past 1 mph, I give it gas but the odometer isn't moving past the number 1. I noticed my antifreeze was low, so I added some, but the problem is still occurring. Can you help me?

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This will need to be looked at by a shop, they will connect a computer to your vehicle so they can read the diagnostic data to determine what is happening. Without that info it's hard to know where to even start.
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have you tried checking your belt tightness or the transmission
This is a transmission problem - torque convertor / gearbox I'm afraid.
whats it's mean when a transmission failsafe program from bmw x5 2001"
Its usually a wire harness failure that causes this. The only way i know of to fix it is to go to a dealership and see if they can replace the engine wire harness.
are you sure