Engine does not want to stay running in cold weather. on 2000 Toyota Avalon

My 2000 Toyota Avalon does not like to stay started in cold weather. I recall this happening with a previous 2000 Avalon that I owned. I was told by a tow truck driver, that all I needed to do is keep my foot on the accelerator for about 5 minutes to warm it up and it will be fine. This seems to work. As I recall, I had to have the Idle Air Control Valve replaced or cleaned or something, and then everything was fine. Is this a difficult repair?

by in Fort Mill, SC on December 27, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on December 27, 2010
very simple repair with basic tools.just an expensive part.about$140
ANSWER by on December 27, 2010
I have had great success cleaning these Idle Air Control motors. Once the air intake duct is removed it is a simple repair. A repair shop that specialize in Toyota may suggest cleaning the motor vs replacing it and many scan tools can operate the motor after ward to see it is working correctly.

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