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2002 Ford Taurus Question: Engine dies while driving.

Car dies while driving. All power goes out. However, radio & lights work. Car just stops. This has happened while on a freeway. Very dangerous. I've taken it to 3 mechanics. First time, it was towed..cost to fix $600.00. They said it was the sensors. 2nd time it died, a different mechanic said it was the fuel pump, new one: $700.00. A month later, I had a 100,000 mile tune-up, cost: $600.00. They said I now would have a car like new! Last week, it died again while on a busy highway in Northern California. While waiting for AAA, after 10 minutes, I re-started it..it started. I was able to drive it back to the mechanic that put in the new fuel pump. He has had it for the last 3 days, drove it around and it did not die. If he can't find a cause, I will have to drive it home (very scary.) Should I take it to a Ford dealership? Have you heard of the problem. I am a woman and afraid I might be getting ripped off by these mechanics as the car still dies at any time. Thank you for any response you may send me. Barbara Hawthorne Discovery Bay, CA -
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What sensors did they replace? When the fuel pump was replaced did they replace the fuel pump relay and filter? Always a good idea to replace pump, filter and relay together. Were there any codes stored in the computer after the event happened? Has the vehicle's computer ever been replaced? -
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Thank you for those questions. I do know the answers. I will look at all the ppwk and ask the mechanic who now has the car re: the fuel pump. Thank you, again, for your response. I'm at my wit's end! Is replacing the computer a very costly procedure? Do you think Heat has anything to do with it dying? The last time it died, it was 90 up here in Brentwood. -
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The computers aren't that expensive and easy to get at. Heat shouldn't be a factor either. We'll figure it out... -
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My, you are so nice to answer. Thanks. I see your shop is in Dublin. Perhaps when I pick my car up, I can make an appt w/you. Or, I go to Bill Brant's Ford in Brentwood. I'm in a dither. -
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HI Barbara give me call i need to know the year and model so i can hellp you 916 422 5522 -
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2002 Ford Taurus. Thank you -
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Hello, Barbara My name is Willian R. Moore. I have a red Ford Taurus 2002 SES and my check engine light has been on for some time now. I just lived with it until I needed to get my registration. Now I am dealing with the problems. My car is now cutting off when I come to a stop or won't start after driving some. I have changed myself the ERG valve and got a complete tune up along with to two front O2 sensor. The problems remained. Now I am about to install the rear O2 sensors. My question is did you ever resolve the problem with your car because I am having the same symtoms? -
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