Engine dies and does not start till after a couple of hours.
on 2006 Dodge Caravan

I bought this van from a friend that had taken it to the dealer because it died on him. The dealer gave him a quote to repair the van and said the Body Control Module needed to be replaced. After I bougth the van I picked it up at the dealer and it actually drove for about 10 miles and died. While driving the instrument cluster was not working and it was driving like it was only running on 4 cylinders. I had it towed to my house and as soon as it got there it started right up. I order a used BCM (same year and part number)and installed it and everything worked great. I test drove it for about 30 miles and was on the way to the dealership so they could flash the computer to get back my original miles on the odometer, when it died on me. I parked it and came back for it in a couple of hours and It ran fine. The code U110C came up. My question is, Do I need to have the computer flashed so it can comunicate correctlly with every other component on the van or might this be a bad BCM?? Thanks for all your help.

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Hi, no the only code that appears is U110C. Thanks
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