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1998 Ford Taurus Question: Engine dies after putting into gear-replaced mass flow, air coolant temp,ectsnnr

Not the torque converter either. -
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Yes ect code and o2 sensor-but these have been replaced and codes were erased. -
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Vacuum leak, Idle air control, Clean throttle body. -
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Did all that-no vac leak new throttle body-incl repl both sensors -
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Try a wiggle test other than that i give up. Motor mounts in good shape? -
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Yup-mounts good and wiggled all connectors -
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Got me, i give up! Good luck. -
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BEST ANSWER!LOL I am about to, too! -
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Hell no hang in there you will find it! Let us know what you come up with. I will keep it in mind as well. -
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Sad thing is this customer has taken this to multiple mechanics-no one can solve this including Ford. We are only doing this out of their desperation to fix theirs-engine idles excellent transmission great-shifts fine when hot. Torque converter shows good on data working fine so is the tcc solenoid. I know this is something simple and I will feel like an idiot when I find it. -
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Been there a bunch of times, and more on the way i am sure. Wish i could help more but you have covered all that i can suggest! I am sure it will be simple, but weird too. I thought the wiggle test was for sure going to show the problem was eng. movement. -
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I am just starting to have a stalling problem on a 98 Taurus, 3.0 L. Never had the problem before. It rained last night, car started fine but every time I put it into gear it stalled. I left it alone and got a ride to work. Tonight all seems fine. It does have a broken motor mount, and I noticed wetry ask about a broken motor mount. How is this related? -
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I found the problem-it was in the transmission-a piece of bearing in the valve body pump dropped on top of the tcc valve causing it to stall out. Completely scored the pump and shaft too. -
Answer 2
Yikes! did this happen before? -