Engine died on 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

I think I got some dirty gas. My engine died and I changed the fuel filter and drained the water trap, but it wont start again. Is this going to require that I change the fuel pump?

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pull filter cap off and turn on ign if it fills w fuel then its getting to the injecton pump. put back together crack injectors loose then crank till fuel comes out (all). sounds like air in the system, if everything eles works, good luck
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You need to have a diesel mechanic or dodge dealer diagnose this, I show three different pumps available for your truck ( transfer pump, engine mounted transfer pump, tank mounted and injection pump ) This is a very expensive engine and you need a qualified mechanic to repair this. I've owned and still own a diesel dodge truck and had the wrong mechanic change parts and couldn't figure out how to repair my truck and ended up at the dodge dealer.
For the fuel pumps, www.shopdieselspecialists has the lowest prices. Be aware that the diesel has 2 fuel pumps. a Lift pump, in which the stock pump was located next to the engine (in 2004 1/2) dealer updates of earlier 3rd gen. engines it is moved to the tank. The final pump (at least for a 2003) is a common rail pump that pressurizes it.