Engine cuts off while driving on 1993 Dodge Ram Van B150

The engine just cuts off while I am driving the van. It starts right back up again. I have replaced teh coil , fuel pump, distributer, rotor, spark plugs,.before cutting off there is no reaction to the gas pedal being pushed, it doesnt idel and just stops. it starts right back again. what could this be? It is at the shop and they cant figure it out. The ECM has also been replaced. And there is still fuel pressure on teh gauge when it cuts off, and there is no misfire. Please help!!!!

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An engine needs three things to run, mechanical integrity (which it must have or it would not restart), fuel and spark. To find an intermittent problem like this I "tee into" the fuel line and tape a fuel pressure gauge to the windscreen so I can monitor fuel pressure when the problem occurs, if fuel pressure falls off you then start tracing the fuel pump, fuel pump relay and sensors that allow fuel operation. I also drive around with a timing light attached to one of the spark plug wires, when the vehicle falters I pull the trigger on the timing light and see if I immediately have spark if not I check the ignition system and wiring and sensors associated with the ignition system. Intermittent problems are hard to find and your vehicle has limited diagnostic capabilities. Understanding how each system works, having a good wiring diagram and volt/ohm meter and patience are required to trouble shoot this kind of problem.
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Had a similar problem. Stopped after about 3 miles of good driving would start again after 5 minutes of waiting. good the rest of the day. got worse. had a diagnostic and found it was a distributor relay sensor under the distributor cap and rotor. runs well ever since. cost $125 total to fix, diagnose parts and labor. easy fix if known problem
I had a 91 pickup did the same thing. The pickup in the Distrubtor 15 dollar piece. Took me forever to figure it out. It gets warm and shuts down.