Engine Cuts off (Slip+TCS+Engine Light appears) on 2003 Infiniti I35

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My girlfriends car has been cutting off while she's driving at least once a day. This has been happening for a week. When the car cuts off, it takes 10-15 minutes for it to start up again. When it does... The SLIP+TCS lights come on. By the next morning she goes to work... the light are off, but the check engine light remains on. Then the same thing happens.. (Cuts off while driving). Can somebody please tell me what it might be? And if its something i could fix myself?
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Uh-oh. I had this same issue, after my car got flooded out back in May. A truck drove by me to fast on the flooded interstates of Nashville last May during the floods. The wave inundated my car. First my check oil light came on, then it settled after a couple of hours, no stall. Two days later, all lights came on then stalled while driving 75 down the e-way, several times. Ended up having to replace the two computer modules under the front sit for ABS and TCS, plus had engine replaced. Insurance eventually paid, but not pretty. Total cost of about 3500.