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1997 Honda Civic Question: Engine cut off while driving

The engine on my 1997 Civic EX suddenly cut off while I was driving it. Now it won't turn over at all, although all the electricals seem strong (lights etc.) Suggestions? -
Answer 1
You will need a qualified mechanic to perform a diagnostic test on your vehicle. All vehicles need three basic items to operate. First , Engine needs to have a good compression. Second needs to have Fuel supply and Third needs to have Ignition Spark. Most common problems are Electrical, Bad Fuel pump, Relay Or loss of Ignition Spark. Coil, Ignitor. -
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I have an intermitten problem that shut off while I am driving at low rpms, at stop or idle but start right back up.
I just had my timing replaced and ive done everything to my spark plugs, wires, rotor, everything. There is oil on the fork tip and it cranks but wont turn over. I know its a timing issue.