1993 Nissan 240SX Q&A

1993 Nissan 240SX Question: engine cranks over , and is firing , wont start.

I'M having problems with my 93 nissan 240sx , it will crank when it sits overnight , but after you start it , and cut it off for a few minutes it wont crank back until it seats along period of time , but when it doesn't start it still is firing , has good fuel pressure , and when it wont start I even sprayed some starter fluid into the chamber , and it still doesn't crank . -
Answer 1
I'd look into the ignition system. If it won't fire when you spray starting fluid into the intake and crank it, then I think you have ignition problems. If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=35404&car_brand_names=Nissan -