engine Cranks has spark. Will not start on 2002 Ford Taurus

Car went dead after parking would crank but would not start. Pulled fuel line and the car started and stalled when fuel in line was used. put fuel line back cranked and started the car it ran for about ten mins and service engine light came on. It began to run rough and stalled. The car has 35000 miles. I changed the fuel filter. car still would not start. Swaped relays NG check power from fuel imobilzer had current. No power to the fuel pump. My mechanic works for ford thinks its a short. Would a bad fuel pump show no voltage. Or is the short the way to go. Checked all fuses tested good. Check the sensor has power to it. How would you check the sensor and will a bad sensor stop power to the fuel pump.The engine immobilzer switch was not tripped. We tripped and reset. Have power at immobilzer switch. No power at fuel pump. If the sensor is bad will the code indicate that.

by in Pomona, NY on April 23, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 23, 2010
fuel pressure is at minimum similar related Sounds like something is in your gas tank. It will run just to build up pressure the pump may or may not remain running. The little sensor (box like) on the fuel line. Check groundings under the hood. Yeah that is the funny thing about working at Ford, you tend to see it all. I KNOW everything about Rangers, I too worked at the plant. I just compare similar motor issues with wiring harnesses getting smashed, ran over, whatever when it was put together. Relay in the box under hood as well as all fuses interior box
COMMENT by on April 25, 2010
Did you happen to trip the fuel shut off inertia switch? It is in the trunk along the right side behind the panel. That would make the fuel pump not have power. It's designed to stop fuel in the event of a fire after a crash. I 've tripped my switch by going over railroad tracks that had the the pot holes around them.
ANSWER by on December 11, 2010
check for water in fuel
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